Sponsored Ads (Paid)

Navigating the sponsored (Facebook Ads) platforms can be tricky, that is why Extreme ranking Power helps you achieve the very best results possible when it comes to Facebook advertising. We offer business and sponsored advertising development with new creatives and marketing images, customized content for your ads, the images or video and we also research and develop your perfect target audience. Facebook advertising is the most cost effective advertising medium available when it comes to targeting the proper audience, selecting your perfect customer and delivering your ad to that customer.

Extreme Ranking Power is capitalizing on the fact that many of these new age digital marketing agencies just can not compete or get you the results that they are promising, and is where we make our mark.


Dan did a great job on our website. I don’t know anything about technology and they got me online, listed us in google and even got my social media campaign running. I am very pleased with Dan & his team and would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional, affordable and caring marketing firm.

Virgil Capone

Dan and the team at Extreme Ranking Power improved our website functions and also got our SEO at optimal performance. Dan worked around my schedule as we worked through a list of objectives, which were completed in a very timely manner. Our Contact Us Form is working properly now. Our company has received many inquiries for our services thanks to the great work Dan and crew did for us. I highly recommend contacting Extreme Ranking Powe if you are looking for Web Site help, delivered with integrity.

Teri Hardwick

Dan is absolutely amazing. He works so diligently and makes sure that everyone has an understanding. The communication is awesome. Great company and I would highly recommend them!!!

Latoya Johnson